Sunday, December 30, 2012

December 29, 2012 - Krishna Gana Sabha


violin - nagai sri sriram
mrudangam - dr. umayalpuram k sivaraman
ghatam - dr. s karthick

varnam - sahana - adi - thiruvottriyur thyaagayya
gajavadana - hamsadhwani - rupakam - md ramanathan (s)
vaananai - keeravani - misra chapu - appar (r)
bogeendra shaayinam - kunthalavarali - kanda chapu - swathi thirunal
ethavunara - kalyani - adi - thyagaraja (r,n,s,t)
vidajalathura - janaranjani - adi - thyagaraja
vetta veli - cenjurutti - misra chapu - kudhambai siddhar
sarvam brahmamayam - madhuvanthi - adi - sadasiva brahmendra
ramanai bhajithal - mand - adi - papanasam sivan
thillana - khamas - adi - patnam subramania iyer
malasai (thiruppugazh) - jonpuri - adi - arunagirinathar

There are things I've thought of as a child that were like dreams I never imagined would happen in real life. Yesterday, one of those dreams came true for me. I got to sit right next to one of Carnatic music's greatest artists and perform a concert with him. The experience from start to finish is one that I'll never forget, and hopefully there will be many more to come with him. Thanks to Nagai Sriram and Karthick anna for being very supportive and encouraging as I was nervous going into this concert with Sivaraman mama playing mrudangam. I realized after a couple songs that I need not be so nervous cause Sivaraman mama himself was being extremely encouraging, appreciative, and supportive not only with his playing, but with his jovial nature and appreciation of the other artists on stage. I have always enjoyed hearing mama play, but I felt so different being just inches away from his mrudangam, and getting to see how he makes those beautiful sollus and special sounds on the mrudangam thoppi!

Sorry if this post is shorter and less informative than the others. I know some of you were looking forward to reading more about this concert... I have so many thoughts in my mind after having this great and rare opportunity, that I don't even know where to start or what to say! Special thanks to the rasikas who made it despite the rain coming down hard, and the roads becoming quite difficult to travel.

This season has been a really special one. But its not over yet... Singing today at 2pm in Narada Gana Sabha Mini Hall with B Ananthakrishnan and SJ Arjun Ganesh. Hope to see you there :)